Hey there! I’m Kelly Maxwell. I sling my work all over the web as a writer, photographer/videographer, and content strategist. Long story short: I live for content. I recently joined Opera Colorado as their Digital Content Manager, where I act as internal storyteller, in-house photographer/designer, social media manager, and webmaster. Did I mention that this is my dream gig?

As a photographer and videographer, I pride myself on my ability to follow a concept from initial spark, all the way through every step of the production process. I plan, shoot, edit, and master the projects I’ve worked on and am constantly learning how to improve that workflow. I’ve shot promotional videos for brands and bands, creative narrative pieces, and short-form documentaries. If you are a gigging creative (Actor! Musician! Whatever!), I offer an industry discount because I want to help local artists promote their work and keep the Arts in Denver alive and thriving. If you have a story to tell (or an upcoming gig to promote), get in touch and we can make something spectacular together!

I currently live in Denver with my cats, Iggy Smalls and Louie, and my husband, web developer/tuba player/ginger extraordinaire Ben Fausch. At any given moment, you will find me with a notebook in hand, scrawling something illegible. But don’t let my terrible handwriting fool you! I’m a list-maker. I’m a planner. I get results.  When I’m not behind the camera or basking in the glow of my laptop, I am a DIY fanatic, constantly knitting something ridiculous or hot-gluing a project into oblivion. I’m also a gigging musician and I perform at some of Colorado’s coolest venues. I’m a forever choir kid and I sing with The Colorado Chorale. I also sing lead vocals for The Gora Gora Orkestar,  a ten-piece brass band specializing in multi-genre weirdness with a Balkan flavor.  If you ever need a singer or tambourine player, you know where to find me.


Email Me

kelly.l.maxwell [at] gmail [dot] com