Annie Booth

Annie Booth and I have known each other since our Freshman year at CU. Since then, she has taken over the Denver Jazz Scene. She is an accomplished pianist, composer and educator. Her group, The Annie Booth Trio, plays all over Colorado and holds residencies at the best venues in Denver. Her hustle is inspiring and her busy schedule demands some serious respect. Next up for Annie? She’s headed to Austin for SXSW.

Her original compositions are refreshingly innovative, echoing her dedication to collaboration and extemporaneous performance. Her passion for music is infectious and her performances reflect that energy. I am so thankful to have such a kickass lady around to be a source of constant inspiration.

For our shoot, we headed over to Nocturne Jazz, a “modern jazz & supper club” in RiNo, Denver. Annie is a regular at the club and they were generous enough to open up for us before the house opened. I am obsessed with the space and I was jazzed (see what I did there) to shoot in it during the day. I was amazed by the natural light in the space and how much it changed over the course of our session. I hope they didn’t mind me running all over the place, attempting to find my angles. I realize that I look like a crazy person when I shoot: standing on tables, overturning chairs, crouching on the floor, and shooting through the architecture… Just another day at the office!

After shooting in the club, we ventured into the streets to catch the last few minutes of magic hour. Annie was such a good sport to dart across the street with me. I love how the streets light up and really illuminate the murals. This neighborhood is changing fast, but it will always be my favorite place to shoot lifestyle portraits.