Ariella May DeWitt

Do you ever get the tingles? Like, when you’re experiencing something spectacular or uber-poignant? No, I’m not talking about ASMR videos on Youtube… I’m talking about experiencing the big stuff that triggers something inside of you, that you end up feeling all over… For me, I feel “the tingles” the most when I’m listening to music. When I hear perfect harmony that resonates in the space, I can’t help but be overtaken by the experience. This feeling is something I think all artists and performers chase. It might be something divine (Sure! Why not?), but whatever it is, that feeling is why we do it. Why I do it.

I got some major tingles during and after my session with Ariella May Dewitt. This red-hot glamazon came into the studio, channeling major (Ultra! Mega! Stupendous!) glam.

Sequins? Velvet? That boa? It’s enough to make you melt! What would have been enough glamour to smother a normal human, was just right for DeWitt. I’m convinced she was born covered in rhinestones and glitter, forever channeling Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield, and Jayne Russell. Our session was a serious study of smoulder and sass, with a heaping helping of chutzpah.

DeWitt is a burlesque performer who can be seen all over Denver. She is a regular at Denver’s Clocktower Cabaret. If you haven’t had a chance to check out a show at this incredible venue, I would definitely recommend it. Lannie’s is one of those magic spots that channel another era, with their lux interior, heavy-pours, and raucous vibes. DeWitt is diving into the festival circuit, so watch out for her eventual world domination. This gal is going places!

I am still absolutely flabbergasted at how much I love high-glam studio sessions. My sessions with DeWitt and Vieux Carre have started a new chapter of my work as a photographer. I love the idea of working in equal parts Bunny Yeager, Alberto Vargas, and John Waters into my work. More classic glam! More sass! More camp and smut! I want to find folks feeling themselves and capture that. I can’t imagine a better job than helping folks find and share themselves at their best!

I’m already on the lookout for my next subject, so send all of the glamazons and sparkly humans my way. I’m booking new clients (let’s schedule a session together) and I’ve got the tingles already…