Flowers of Evil Promos

When you’re friends with musicians, inspiration is right around the corner. Every time I work with Colorado jazz band leader, pianist, composer and educator Annie Booth, I’m overwhelmed with her work. After TEN years of friendship, we’ve both grown and changed so much. It has been a true joy to watch her take over the jazz scene in Denver and really come into her own as a composer.

Premiering tomorrow night at the Dairy Arts Center, is her latest work “Flowers of Evil.” The  genre-bending original work is based on the poetry of Charles  Baudelaire and features a killer line-up of  ten musicians. I can’t wait to see the first performance of the new work and to document it! Annie was recently interviewed in Westword stating, “I’m a performer and composer. I do love performing. There’s nothing that beats that, but I do think that process of composing a piece… I’m in it for the long haul and thinking big and looking toward the finish line. That is also something I’m just very addicted to. I want to do more big stuff like this in my career, like write symphonies and write more chamber pieces.”

Here’s to the next chapter in Annie’s career! I’ll be around, fan-girling forever, and capturing the journey on camera!

Flowers of Evil at the Dairy Arts Center
Flowers of Evil at The Dairy Arts Center. Photo: Kelly Maxwell