Hangman’s Hymnal at Globe Hall

On May 13th, I went down to Globe Hall to catch the fine gentlemen of Hangman’s Hymnal and Verses The Inevitable. The show opened up with Larry Nix and the Killer Gents, but I didn’t get to the venue in time. I’ve got to catch them next time! It was a killer show at one of my favorite venues in Denver. Globe Hall is a very particular kind of Old-Denver that blows Nu-Denver out of the water. The place doesn’t need to prove itself. Compared to the rest of RiNo, which is what they’re now calling everything from Globeville to Five Points, Globe Hall is as unadorned and uncomplicated as any VFW Hall. It is the perfect showcase for acts who want to play a non-AXS venue. So, naturally, it attracts groups with a little bit of a “Fuck You” chip on their shoulders.

The music was twangy and dark. It was beards and banjos. It was whiskey drunk. It was perfect.