Mile High Brass Band at Finn’s Manor

Whenever I have friends come to town, I always recommend stopping by Finn’s Manor.  This bar has everything that’s good in Denver, all under one roof (sort of). The hybrid whiskey bar/food truck bazaar/backyard party is a NOLA-inspired hang where BBQ and whiskey go to chill. Their menu is full of uber-hoppy IPA’s (my favorite… I know…), fancy-pants whiskey cocktails, and Instagram fodder (Frosé, anyone?). The Mile High Brass Band, full disclosure here- these cats are some of my best friends, perform here on the regular.

This gig was pure magic. The crowd was pumped to hear some raunchy NOLA covers of some classics (Baby Got Back, anyone?), the whiskey was a’flowing, and the twinkle lights turned everything into an Accidental Renaissance scene. I was happy to come in and capture the night, simply because it was so freaking beautiful.

To make matters worse (read: better!), the gig was the day after my fifth anniversary with MHBB’s sousaphone player, Ben Fausch.  He surprised me with a rendition of the song he played me at our wedding. The song, Five Year’s Time by Noah and the Whale,  is all about the uncertainty of relationships and how great it is to be surprised when things go right with one. Check it out and tell me that it was okay to ugly-cry into my camera… Because I did. The bachelorette parties present (two of ’em!) all slapped me on the back and told me, in that special magical drunk girl enthusiasm,  how cute the whole thing was. I mean, he did  play the ukulele…

The bar has been set in our relationship and I have to find a way to one-up that brasshole of mine… Love you babe!