The Widow’s Bane at The Stanley

The Widow’s Bane took over the historic Stanley Hotel on April 22nd for a masquerade ball and night of debauchery.  The show was packed with die-hard Widow’s Bane Fans, dressed in their finest formal steampunk attire. One of my favorite things about this group is their dedicated base of ride-or-die fans. This crew obviously worships the band and you can feel that crazy energy in their audiences. They are absolutely buzzing with joy. Music is weird that way… A live show is a fleeting thing and it is over before you can blink, but the crowd holds on to it. They engage with it long after the last encore. They carry it with them.

My photos of these live shows freeze a single moment in time, hoping to capture a teeny tiny part of the temporary magic. I love that about photographing live shows. As a musician and performer myself, I find that the bad gigs stick in your mind for much longer than the good ones. Being a performer means that you give everything you have to the audience, squeezing every ounce of energy you have. When it’s over, you’re exhausted and reeling. There is no real way to remember those moments. Except with photos.

I’m starting to learn that music photographers are a very particular type of beast. They are dedicated to a fault, giving their evenings up in the pursuit of that one great shot. They hoof it around town, documenting their favorite groups for years on end. They have backs of steel (and balls to match) from hours and hours of standing in pits with their expensive gear. One drunk with a spilled beer could mean the end, but nevertheless they keep on keepin’ on. I know I’m still a baby in this world, but I can see why these weirdos and die-hards stick around. This stuff is magic.