Vieux Carre

And now for something completely different!

I had some big goals when I moved into my new studio space… At the top of the list? Pull together a studio capable of doing dramatic portraits. Now, three-ish months later, we are up and running! I can’t think of a better way to introduce studio work into my offerings than to present this session I had with Vieux Carre.

Vieux is a burlesque dancer, based in Denver. Her performances are electric and her sense of humor shines more than, well… you’ll see… Vieux is an incredibly talented performer and you will probably see, well, more of her in the future.

I was first introduced to burlesque back in 2012 and I’ve been hooked ever since. While in NYC, I performed at different venues, including the world-famous Coney Island Burlesque at the Beach, and absolutely fell in love with the scene. Of course, burlesque is glitter and glam, but it is also incredibly liberating and political. Performances can range from high-camp humor to performance art with a message. I found my personal aesthetic and style backstage at these shows and I’m bringing those lessons to my photography.

I made the commitment to be a body positive photographer, which means I will never photoshop my images to make someone into an altered version of themselves. Sure, I will retouch a bad skin day or remove extra cat hair from your sweater, but I won’t stretch you to look thinner/taller/younger whatever! My commitment to show folks at their actual best is a lesson that comes directly from my experiences with burlesque. Performers, of all gender identities and all sizes, strut their stuff and celebrate the skin they’re in. There is nothing more radical than watching a human revel in their own sexiness. What a turn on! And the idea that I could be a part of that journey and capture those sexy moments? Dream job amiright ladies?

I’m so excited that Denver has such a robust burlesque scene. There will be many many more campy/glam/sexy shoots in the future, so stay tuned!