Whole30 Halfway Point

I know the Whole30 isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m drawn to the severity of the plan for that reason. It doesn’t allow for wiggle room. No Sugar. No Carbs. No Crap. No excuses…

At the halfway point, I don’t care about any of it. I’m miserable. I know it is 100% psychological because I feel great. Physically, I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearing up, I have more energy, and I’m more focused and patient. All of these things make the Whole30 a big win. So why then am I so miserable? Because food is just as physiological and social as it is physical. So much of our lives revolve around food and booze that you never notice it until you fundamentally upset your relationship with all of it.

So, needless to say, I’m a real bummer at parties, happy hour, and basically any other social interaction.

My social circle revolves around gigs, rehearsals, and BBQ’s. We love crappy food and booze. It’s everywhere! Musicians aren’t always the best at taking care of themselves and I can see just how deep those grooves have been carved. Swapping beer for La Croix seems easy, but it feels so, so, SOOO  weird. I hate calling attention to myself with this whole thing, but people notice when you stop doing what’s normal. I don’t want to preach the benefits of this thing before I’ve finished, but so many of my conversations lately have turned into conversations about the Whole30. If you aren’t already on board, these conversations can start to sound preachy and “holier than thou.” They are also incredibly boring. This, of course, is something I’m conscious of and want to avoid because I noticed it before I started this thing. My husband is doing this thing with me and it seems like anytime we’re out together with our friends, we land on this same subject. We don’t want to become “that couple.”

But I think we are…

B does all the cooking and I could not  be doing this without him. I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW ROUGH IT WOULD BE TO GO THIS ALONE! Having backup and support is the only reason I’m gonna stick this whole thing out. So, halfway through, I can tell you that this is the most important takeaway so far: Get a partner to do it with you! Whole30 misery loves company! Every night, when we’re looking at our plates of greens and protein, we laugh about how boring it is and it seems to make everything easier. The excuses are to a minimum because someone else is rooting for you. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint yourself, but you certainly don’t want to disappoint your partner! We’ve been brainstorming new recipe ideas and new ways to workaround our bad-food and booze habits when we’re in social situations.

Another interesting side-effect of this month is my intense desire to burn the whole self-improvement industrial complex to the ground. I am 100% body positive and I believe that everyone is at their best looking, when they feel their best. Beauty and worth has nothing to do with weight, but the more I research eating better and making healthy life changes, the more I’m bombarded with thinly-veiled disordered eating and diet culture. Like anyone raised in this country, particularly in the ’90’s, we are taught to believe that thin is something we all must aspire to. I simply don’t. I know my body and my genes and I know in my bones that I will never be thin. That’s totally cool with me, but in an effort to improve the body I actually have, I’m having a hard time escaping the fact that I’m not the ideal… Lordy it’s great to be a woman!

Two more weeks! Let’s see what happens!